Refblast Construction (M) Sdn. Bhd.


An important priority of REFBLAST CONSTRUCTION (M) SDN BHD operations is to ensure that a safe and healthy working environment exists for all its employees and that Health & Safety is made an essential part of managing the business. REFBLAST commitment to safety begins with the president and extends to our most recently hired employee. All new employees receive numerous hours of orientation covering company policy, hazard communication training, protective, equipment and clothing training. At the completion of the initial safety orientation, all new employees are issued a company safety manual further outlining company safety policies and procedures.

Our Concern

  • Risk assessment is a cornerstone in our daily operations. Risks are continuously identified, assessed and minimised, controlled or eliminated
  • We believe that maintaining high standards of safety is vital for employee wellbeing, and it also reduces the risk of accidents, business interruptions and delays, while helping to attract and retain the best people.
  • Our experience, vigilant approach and strong safety culture have all contributed to our excellent safety record and we are constantly looking at how we can take safety to an even higher level. Our safety culture is supported by employees at all levels, from management to new cadets.

The company sees the management of Health & Safety as the prime responsibility of management. Adequate and appropriate resources will be provided to support the implementation of this policy.



REFBLAST CONSTRUCTION (M) SDN BHD with long years of experience and know-how maintains its pioneer and entrepreneurial position in all sector. The company considers its specialized technical staff and equipment as its most important resources that would shape its future. REFBLAST Inspection will strive to work with our clients to rapidly identify potential problems by accurately acquiring the essential inspection data. This data will be presented in an organized manner which will aid the client in assessing the situation and instituting safe, cost-effective resolutions. The expressed quality policy of REFBLAST Inspection is to exceed our customers' expectations by continually improving the quality of our employees, our processes, and our services.

In order to attain the above, we shall

  • Adhere strictly to Quality Parameters at stages to provide products services conforming to requirements agreed upon with customers, both internal and external.
  • Meet requirements of Quality Management system and strive to improve its effectiveness.
  • Establish Quality objectives and review periodically to achieve continual improvement.

We at REFBLAST believe and aim at total Quality in our products and services to our customers.

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