Refblast Construction (M) Sdn. Bhd.



REFBLAST PRINCIPAL BUSINESS activities concentrate in REFRACTORY SOLUTION such as Refractories design, Refractories materials supply, Refractories Installation, Refractories maintenance, Refractories dry out, Refractories consultation, Refractories supervision, Refractories project management and all related to Refractories.

The combination of in-house expertise and equipment makes REFBLAST into an innovative and interesting project partner for a variety of industries such as Petrochemical Industries, Steel Mills, Cement Industries, Waste Incinerators, Power Stations, Palm Oil Mills, Aluminium industry, Sugar Mills, Paper Mills and other general industries.

Refractory Installation

REFBLAST INSTALLATION SUPPLY: We performs all types of refractory installations utilizing all types of refractory materials. Our expertise is combining the brick installation talents of our employees with our monolithic installation capabilities, shotcrete and gunite. Installation basically will covered from the beginning toward end such as Hacking, Rubbles cleaning, Anchors gauging/removal, Anchors welding/fixing, Cold face application by variety method, foam work preparation, Hot face application by variety method casting/gunning/brick laying/ramming, Foam work removal, finishing and lastly housekeeping. Full scope installation is includes of staff, equipment, materials, site management, delivery scheduling, surface preparation, dry-out, waste disposal, etc. Through the proper training, our dedicated technical staff has acquired all of the local, and customer specific knowledge necessary to offer our clients the best installation solutions. REFBLAST has handled emergency projects as well as large scale shutdowns for many industries.

Refractory Material

REFBLAST MATERIALS SUPPLY: We are supplying Refractory material for all industries. Bricks such as Fireclay bricks, High Alumina bricks, Basic bricks, Light Weight Insulating bricks. Castable such as Conventional Castable (CC), Low Cement Castable (LCC), Ultra Low Cement Castable (ULCC). Gunning materials such as magnesite base, fireclay base, high Alumina base, Low Cement base, Silicon Carbide base, Insulation type and light weight type. Mortars for laying all types of refractory bricks. Plastic refractories for forming refractory monolithic lining in various kinds of furnaces.

Refractory Anchors

REFBLAST ANCHORS SUPPLY: We are leading manufacturer of refractory anchors for the heat treatment industries with good experience in design and production. We have modern production facilities to produce round bar and flat bar anchors. We are able to service our customers with fast delivery and competitive prices. REFBLAST produces anchors as standard in a wide range of materials such as Carbon Steel, SS 304, SS 316, SS 309, SS 310, 253MA, Inconel 601 and in other alloys which combines excellent resistance to both corrosion and oxidation at elevated temperatures. It is suitable to moderate thermal shock and has high strength at high temperatures.

We can assure that REFBLAST CONSTRUCTION (M) SDN BHD never compromised its quality when it comes to refractory installation.

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